Facial Implants


If you are self-conscious about your facial features and are looking for permanent medical options to enhance your facial structures so that your features are proportionate and balanced, facial augmentation surgery using facial implants may be an option to consider.

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Facial Implants Q & A

What Are Facial Implants?

Facial implants are surgical devices approved by the FDA that are used in many facial surgery procedures. They are composed of a material compatible with the human body and are often used in cheek, chin and jawline augmentations. Facial implants are used to reshape facial features, adding volume, size and shape to the target area. 


What Are Facial Implants Used For?

Facial implants are most commonly used in the following surgeries as an alternative to fat transfer or fat grafting techniques:

        • Cheek augmentations
        • Chin augmentations
        • Jaw augmentations


Are Facial Implants Right For Me?

If you are in your late teens or older and have misshapen facial features due to trauma or an injury, or if you simply are dissatisfied with the natural structure of your facial features, you may be a good candidate for facial implants. This surgery is deeply personal and unique, but can help individuals look and feel more confident.  

If you think you may be a candidate for facial implant surgery, we encourage you to contact our office today for a free consultation with our expert Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetic plastic surgeon in either our Manhattan or Long Island location. This consultation will help you understand your surgical options for facial surgery, the benefits and risks of the treatment options, as well as help you and the surgeon align on the outcome goals for the procedure. If you are unsure about using artificial implants in your body, facial augmentation surgery using fat grafting may also be an option for you to consider. Alternatively, if you would like to enhance the appearance of your face without surgery, we also offer many non-surgical, minimally invasive and noninvasive facial procedures as part of our MedAesthetics services. 

if you are considering facial surgery but you’re afraid that it’s unaffordable, the Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics team can help you arrange an affordable payment plan through Prosper®. 

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