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Whether you were born with smaller breasts or your breasts reduced in size after weight loss or childbirth, you may find yourself wishing for a bit more fullness in the chest. At Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics in Midtown West, Manhattan, and New Hyde Park in Long Island, the team of skilled plastic surgeons offers breast augmentation surgery with fat transfers or artificial implants to help boost your breast size and confidence. To learn more about breast augmentation surgery and decide if it’s right for you, call your nearest New York City location or book a consultation online today.

Breast Augmentation Q & A

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that enhances the shape or size of your breasts by adding volume. You might be more familiar with the layman’s terminology for the procedure: boob job.

While breast augmentations once had a reputation for being gratuitous, they’re much more than a purposeless procedure. A breast augmentation or a breast lift can boost your confidence and restore your body image after a loss of shape from pregnancy, aging, or extreme weight loss.  

How does breast augmentation work?

Breast augmentations and breast lifts work in different ways. You can get one or both at the same time to get your desired figure. 

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery involves adding volume to increase the size of your breasts or make them rounder. To do this, your surgeon uses liposuction to remove fat from another area of your body and transfer it into your breasts to enhance their shape or size.  

If you don’t want to get liposuction or don’t have enough fat to spare from another area, your surgeon places an artificial breast implant filled with saline, silicone gel, or another material that feels soft like a natural breast under your skin. The result can make your body appear more proportionate and boost your confidence.

Breast lift

During breast lift surgery, your surgeon removes excess skin and tissue to tighten and raise your breast and make it firmer. Your surgeon can even make your nipples appear smaller, as they tend to grow in size as your breasts sag.

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation?

During your consultation at Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics, your surgeon works closely with you to identify your specific goals for breast surgery and assesses your health to make sure it’s safe for you.

They might decide that you’re a candidate for breast surgery if you:

  • Are generally healthy
  • Have stabilized your weight
  • Don’t smoke
  • Are finished growing
  • Aren’t currently pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Dislike the shape or size of your breasts

If you’re concerned about financing your surgery, your physician can help you explore flexible payment plan options through Prosper®. 

If you’re not a candidate for the surgery but would still like to pursue it, your physician tells you the steps to take to become a candidate, if it’s feasible for you.

As a woman, your breasts are intimately tied to your body image and confidence. To consult a doctor about breast augmentation surgery, with or without fat transfer, call Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics or request an appointment online today.

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