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Scars are a normal part of your skin’s healing process. But depending on the location and cause, scars can alter your appearance. To improve the look of your skin, Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics offers scar reduction treatments for acne scars and other small scars. To schedule a scar reduction consultation, call the office in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and New Hyde Park, New York, or book online today.

Scar Reduction Q & A

What is scar reduction?

Scar reduction is one of the many nonsurgical aesthetic services offered at Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics. The experienced health care providers use advanced aesthetic tools and techniques to minimize the appearance of acne scars and other small scars.

Am I a candidate for scar reduction?

Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics conducts comprehensive evaluations to determine if you're a candidate for scar reduction treatment. Though a normal part of your skin’s healing process, not all scars are the same.

Scars may be raised, depressed, or extend past the initial injury. Some scars may affect mobility or cause pain. Each type of scar can require a different approach to improve appearance.

Scar reduction treatment at Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics works best on raised and depressed acne scars and other small skin scars.

If your scar is large or thick, your provider may suggest other treatments to improve the texture and appearance of your skin, such as surgical scar revision.




What happens during scar reduction?

Scar reduction at Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics is an in-office treatment that typically takes an hour or less. Your provider reviews the details of your treatment at your consultation so you know what to expect.

Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics uses an advanced aesthetic tool that combines radiofrequency energy with microneedling to break up the scar tissue, stimulate the production of collagen, and improve the tone and texture of your skin.

To minimize discomfort, your provider may apply a topical anesthetic prior to your scar reduction treatment.

You may notice some redness and swelling following your scar reduction procedure, but these side effects are temporary. There’s no need for downtime following your session and you can resume normal activities afterward.

How many scar reduction treatments do I need?

The number of scar reduction treatments you need depends on the type and location of your scar, the condition of your skin, and your overall health.

For small scars, you may only need one session for optimal results. Some scars require a series of treatments to get the best results.

To learn more about scar reduction at Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics, call the nearest office or request an appointment online today.

* Individual results may vary.

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