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Severe burns, injuries, and even medically necessary surgeries can leave a glaring, permanent scar across your skin. At Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics in Midtown West, Manhattan, and New Hyde Park in Long Island, the surgical team can carefully remove your scars or revise them to be less noticeable. To find out what they can do for your surgical scar, request an appointment by phone or online at either New York City office today.

Surgical Scar Removal Q & A

What is surgical scar removal?

Surgical scar removal or revision is a type of surgery that aims to minimize the appearance of a scar or remove scar tissue that restricts your movement. 

Scars come in many forms and can originate from injuries or prior surgeries. Scar tissue looks different from the rest of your skin. It could be lighter or darker than your natural skin color. It usually takes on a different texture, too.  

Because some scar tissue is thicker than your healthy skin, an excessively large scar can restrict your movement and functioning. This is common with scars from burns as they cover large areas at once and often tighten your muscles and tissues.

Why do I need surgical scar removal?

There are many reasons why you might want to get a scar surgically removed or revised. You should discuss surgical scar removal or revision with your physician if:

  • You’re self-conscious about a scar
  • Your scar prevents free movement of a joint
  • A scar runs against the tension lines of your skin
  • A scar is particularly thick and causes irritation

Surgical scar removal is generally reserved for large scars that don’t respond well to noninvasive treatments. Your physician assesses your scar and decides whether surgery is necessary.

How does surgical scar removal work?

Depending on the size, shape, and thickness of your scar, your surgeon uses one or several methods to make it less apparent and more comfortable. Your scar might require:

Scar excision

Sometimes removing a large scar is as simple as removing it completely. If this is the case, your surgeon carefully closes the new incision to minimize any new scarring.

Scar tissue removal

If you have a large scar that restricts your movement, your surgeon may remove some of the scar tissue or make incisions that allow you to move more freely.

Skin grafts

If your scar is particularly large and requires extensive skin removal, your surgeon might remove some healthy skin from another area of your body to place over the injured area. The main goal of a skin graft is to keep the area functional, as you’ll likely still have a scar, though smaller, in the same place.

If you have a large scar from surgery or an extensive injury, don’t hesitate to book a surgical scar removal consultation at Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics today, by phone or online.