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Bridal Plastic Surgery & Non-Invasive Treatments

Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics offers stunning Bridal Cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedures, as well as Bridal medspa treatments in Manhattan, New York, and Long Island, NY. If you are a soon-to-be bride, groom, bridal party member, or simply are preparing for an upcoming wedding season, we can help you look and feel your best while celebrating love and life.  

To help bring out your natural beauty, our expert NYC plastic surgeon and top aesthetician offer a wide range of surgical and non-invasive bridal treatments for Manhattan and Long Island, New York brides. Whether you are looking to reduce the visible signs of aging or would like to feel comfortable and confident in your wedding dress, our compassionate, skilled and astute team are here to help you with your beauty goals. 

Bridal Services:

Anti-aging and facial procedures:

We offer both surgical and non-surgical options to help you reduce any unwanted wrinkles, lines, and skin blemishes for perfect, glowing skin. 

Our cosmetic surgery procedures include but are not limited to facelifts, neck lifts, as well as botox and filler treatments. We also perform blepharoplasty or eye lifts, facial implants, rhinoplasty or nose jobs, and cheek or chin augmentations surgeries.

For non-invasive options to reduce the visible signs of aging and to enhance your skin complexion, our NYC and Long Island offices offer non-surgical facelift treatments using sophisticated laser and radiofrequency technology. We also offer non-surgical treatments to help reduce the appearance of skin damage, scars, acne, skin pigmentation, vascularity, and more.  

Breast Augmentations

We offer a variety of treatments to help enhance your confidence relating to the size and shape of your breast. Our expert breast surgeon will take a personalized approach to understand your desired outcome. Our plastic surgeon will help you achieve natural-looking and proportionate results so that you can feel ravishing on your wedding day. For a breast augmentation NYC, breast lift, or breast reduction surgery in preparation for your wedding, schedule a free consultation with the best breast augmentation NYC surgeon. 

Body Contouring & Weight Loss:

If you are exercising and dieting in preparation for your big day, but are still finding you are not losing weight in stubborn areas, or if you have recently lost a lot of weight, but have excess, sagging skin, our weight loss procedures, and body contouring treatments might be an option for you. We offer the top liposuction surgeon and the best tummy tuck surgeon NYC and Long Island have to offer for our soon-to-be brides. Our team can help assess your beauty goals to identify the best weight loss procedure that will help you feel most confident. 

If surgery is not an ideal option for you, we conveniently offer non-surgical body contouring, skin tightening, and cellulite reduction treatment options. Our services use laser and radiofrequency technologies to effectively and non-invasively tighten skin and melt stubborn fat away. 

Timing Your Procedures

During your initial free consultation with our cosmetic specialists, it is important to discuss the date of your wedding and the timing of your treatments or procedure. The goal is to have you feeling and looking as radiant and possible on your special day, so it's important to allow sufficient preparation and recovery time around your procedures. Each non-surgical and surgical treatment has its own unique recovery time, ranging from no down-time to a few months. Planning your treatments with this in mind will help to make sure that you are fully ready and glowing for your wedding day. 

Why Choose A Garden Surgeon and/or Aesthetician? 

With our deep-rooted expertise in women's health and wellness, we are the experts who know women best. We are sensitive and compassionate to your needs and have a focus on self-confidence, body positivity and self-empowerment. Our surgeon and aesthetician are skilled at achieving natural-looking, radiant, and proportional cosmetic and aesthetic goals. By choosing Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics, you are choosing personalized attention and natural, glowing results. With our team, you can be assured that you will simply feel like a more confident, radiant you.

Financing your treatments

We are proud to offer a variety of financing options for our plastic surgery and medspa services so that our treatments can be affordable to you. During your free initial consultation, ask us about our financing options, as well as our medaesthetic treatment bridal packages that can help you save.

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