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Frequently Asked Questions About Bill Pay

If you can't afford to make payment and must set up a payment plan, it's quick and easy to set up:

  • Smaller monthly payments can help pay your bill if you can't pay the full amount up front.

You can view a copy of your unpaid charges on the bill pay screen. These unpaid charges will include:

  • Guarantor Balance: This is patient responsibility, what you have to pay out of pocket.
  • Non-Guarantor Balance: This is what was billed out to the insurance, you do not have to pay this amount out of pocket since it was billed to the insurance.

* Please note that items that the insurance does not cover may end up in patient responsibility and you may be responsible for paying the full amount. If this happens unexpectedly, please make sure we have your most recent up-to-date insurance information in our system and you can ask us to speak with our billing department to re-submit the bill to your correct insurance.

Your payment is due immediately upon receiving the bill.