What Type of Breast Surgery Is Right For Me?

Breast terms
Are you considering a breast surgery, but are not sure what the terms mean or what they are all for? We’re here to simplify it!
Desired Goal Typical Breast Surgery Description
Looking to reduce the size, shape or volume of your breasts? Breast Reduction Surgery  Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast tissue and skin so that breasts appear smaller and more proportioned to the your body
Want to enhance the volume and shape of your breasts? Breast Augmentation Surgery or “Boob Job” Breast augmentation surgery ncreases the size of your breasts either through using artificial implants or through fat transferring, which harvests fat from another body area using liposuction and injecting into the breast.
Concerned about a drooping breast? Breast Lift
A breast lift procedure is done to correct dropping breasts.
It can correct sagging to make the breast appear more perky. This is sometimes done with a breast augmentation.
Do you notice your breasts are asymmetrical or disproportional in size? Assymetric Breast Surgery  Asymmetric breast surgery will make the breasts as similar in size or shape as possible. Depending on client preference, different surgical techniques can be used. For instance, one breast will either be made larger, or one may be made smaller. Implants may also be considered as well but depend on individual circumstances, goals, and surgeon recommendations.
Unhappy with the way an existing breast implant looks or feels? Breast Implant Revision Surgery  Breast implant revision surgery replaced an old breast implant with a new one. This could be to revise the appearance of the size or shape of the breast (either to make it smaller or larger), to address issues or concerns about an implant rupture or migration, to address pain associated with the existing implant, or to change the type of implant used.

If you are like many women, breasts are a personal and intimate part of your body image and confidence. We understand this so we also understand the value and importance of being happy and content with their appearance. Our physician's goal is therefore to help you be the most confident version of you.  To consult a doctor about breast augmentation surgery, call Garden Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics or request an appointment online today.

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